Location Map

The Dysart East Coal Project, comprising ML 70507 (formerly MDL 450) and EPC 1188, is located approximately seven kilometres to the East of the township of Dysart in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland, Australia. The current project consists of 96.2mt of JORC resources within the ML 70507 boundary of which 32.32mt of JORC marketable coal reserves have been designed and planned to be extracted. There remains a further 80mt of resources in thinner seams which have not yet been designed and planned for extraction. In addition, there are further resources in the southern blocks of EPC 1188 which are outside of the ML footprint and which have been drilled but do not yet conform to JORC standards for reporting.

ML 70507 was granted to Bengal Coal commencing 1 April 2018 for a period of 21 years and spans an area of 764 hectares. Mine plans for a bord and pillar operation were approved in the ML with a production rate of 1.9mtpa. The operation is anticipated to employ approximately 200 employees including management in full operation. The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection granted Environmental Authority EPML 01978714 allowing mining in the ML.

EPC 1188 was acquired by Bengal Coal and assignment of the tenement to Bengal Coal was completed in 2010. Bengal Coal appointed Dysart Coal Mine Management Pty Ltd (DCMM) to manage the development of the project. To date DCMM have managed multiple drilling programs, upgrade and increase of resources, designed the mine and managed the upgrade of resources to reserves, prepared a feasibility study, managed numerous environmental studies and successfully managed the permitting for mine approval.

DCMM continue to work closely with Bengal Coal on implementing the next stages of the project and to deliver an operating mine.