Coal Quality

The DYE project is being developed to supply Prime Hard Coking Coal to the Asian Steel producing market.

Clean Coal Quality Parameters

Quality Parameter 10.5%-Ash Coking coal
Total Moisture (%) 10
Ash (AD, %) 10.5
Ash (AR, %) 9.5
Volatile Matter (AD, %) 19.0-22.0
Sulphur (AD %) <1.0
Heat Value (DAF kcal/kg) 8430
Heat Value (NAR kcal/kg) 6500
Phosphorus (AD %) <0.08
Ash Fusion (Hemispherical °C) 1485

Run of mine (ROM) coal production will come from multiple seams which have variable thicknesses across the mine lease area. Varying amounts of dilution will be present in the ROM. To produce a uniform product or products from the ROM, washability analysis has been undertaken which indicates that the seams contain low volatile hard coking coal.

Coke test results indicate a strongly bonded coke with excellent hot strength properties. The hot strength values obtained are in line with those from the adjacent Saraji and Norwich park mines.

DYE Coke Test Result

22 65.5 77.6 11.9

This result was obtained from laboratory scale testing and is expected to produce a higher CSR in the order of 70, once pilot oven testing has been completed, prior to production.